Responsible Business Rankings

India’s Top Companies for
Sustainability and CSR 2021


The environmental parameter looks at several issues. How pervasive are the sustainability practices of companies? Programmes related to waste, water and energy, and targets to reduce their impact; Promoting sustainable products and services; Programmes and targets to build sustainable supply chains; Programmes and targets to build sustainable logistics.

Carbon emissions are a significant cause of worry for India and the world. Carbon emissions impact not only the air we breathe but also result in changes in weather: more storms, floods and unexpected climate events. India is going ahead with initiatives to develop climate-resilient infrastructure, as well as focusing on efforts to enhance climate resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change. The participation of both the companies as well as the government is critical in achieving these ambitious climate goals. Currently, renewable energy forms only a small proportion of the total energy consumed in operations across sectors. The government expects non-conventional sources to account for 40 per cent of total generation capacity by 2027, three years ahead of the time set by the Paris Agreement. The recent announcement by Reliance to create 175GW of renewable power capacity by 2022 is an ambitious move to add to India’s renewable energy prowess.

Companies have shown an increase in their performance on environmental scores.