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From Microlearning to Mastery: The Self Directed Learning Continuum

The integration of emerging technologies, such as AR, VR, spatial computing and digital twins, etc. holds the promise of revolutionizing learner engagement. These innovations promise to provide immersive experiences that seamlessly bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds, ushering in a thrilling new chapter in the ongoing narrative of knowledge acquisition, while fostering essential attributes for SDL.

Microlearning: Revolutionizing Content Strategy

Robust reskilling programs emerge as the linchpin in this strategic approach, not only fostering employee loyalty but also ensuring a workforce finely tuned and prepared for the challenges that tomorrow may bring.

Skills Taxonomy Basics: A Primer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has reshaped our work landscape, ushering in disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, and the Internet of Things. As organizations grapple with these changes, companies […]

Leading with Sustainability

How businesses can step up on the SDG’s The discussion around the new emerging shift have repeatedly highlighted the need for balance. Hence, when we speak about ‘development’, we need […]

Sustainable Finance

Creating long term impact for the SDG’s Once considered a niche market for institutional clients with specialised investment needs, ESG investing has gone mainstream. It now spans multiple asset classes […]

Cloud First Service Experiences

Our world is increasingly digital and virtual! This has many benefits, but equally, it has many challenges.   For instance, virtual work gives flexibility and helps people work from anywhere. At […]