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Futurescape is a customer experience company. We help brands in tracking trends, designing processes and implementing marketing and learning solutions.

Customer experience is about people. People who interact with your brands and the people who work for your company. There is always an opportunity to improve the experience. Technology is bringing about rapid change and expectations are rising, so is complexity and competition. Looking at everything from the view of the customer provides insight into unmet needs. These unmet needs provide the enabling platform to create innovative and dynamic experiences!

Your brand experience is at your outlet, the customer’s home and anywhere else they might be. Most importantly, mobility is now the defining moment for people and the smartphone is at the heart of this change. The expectations and emotions of the interactions in all these places is your brand. We have been in retail outlets, call centres, factories, hotels, hospitals and more. Companies need to focus on the core experience that gets delivered, the ecosystem of services and related products and also engage within communities and offer real value. It is not a crowded market if you listen to the customer.

Our Strengths :
– We understand People, Process and Technology.
– We focus on making the brand promise real.
– Most importantly, we think of the customer first. Our recommendations are always from the customer’s perspective.

Our customer experience projects includes these steps :

  • Track trends to understand patterns for the future.
  • Study customer interactions and find out expectations. Understand tasks customers need to accomplish.
  • Talk to employees, determine preparedness of the organisation to deliver brand promise.
  • Design and develop a customer experience roadmap.
  • Design customer and staff processes.
  • Develop proof of concept technology demonstrators, prototypes to understand impact in the real world.
  • Develop marketing and relationship programmes.
  • Develop learning material and certify staff.

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The People
Each customer experience assignment is unique. Understanding and implementing everything that matters requires diversity of thought and experience.

The people in our team and network come from backgrounds, such as Management Consulting, Hospitality, Healthcare, Design, Media, Technology, Marketing, Learning, Academia and more.

Head - Digital Services
Managing Director
Kapil Jain
Chandan Kumar