Your customers and their experience

Customer experience design today needs to factor the following

  • Customer Privacy and Implications of sharing of customer data
  • Opportunities and challenges that algorithms bring when it comes to the customer’s experience
  • Engaging and complete mobile experiences and not just transactional features
  • Experiences that connect stores/physical, web and other digital infrastructure like mobile, augmented/virtual, biometrics
  • AI and human based conversational interfaces, natural language processing and more

Further, companies workflows and processes include

  • Life cycle programmes
  • Loyalty marketing initiatives
  • Engagement with customers across channels
  • Tracking customer feedback and related performance indicators
  • CRM program across entire direct-to-consumer business
  • Partnership programme design and implementation
  • Implementation of digital activities that range from SEM, Community building and related themes
Futurescape co-creates with you in designing brand experiences across stakeholder groups and defining corporate actions that are needed to create these experiences.

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