Trust, Responsibility and Brand Reputation

In a connected globalised world, intent and action counts. Responsible business rests at the heart of a great corporate reputation. Marketing and reputation management is now not about “reaching the target customer” but about convincing customers that your products are ethically made and that you are a responsible business.

Platforms for Innovation and Engagement
Futurescape works with organisations to pioneer sustainable solutions. We help our partners to integrate sustainability principles by creating unique platforms. These platforms help create genuine impact by connecting causes to brands and people.

CSR and Sustainability Insights
Futurescape research team monitors activities of top Indian firms and provides competitive intelligence services for corporates. Linkages of CSR and Sustainability to core business and strategic intelligence management helps companies navigate the quickly changing landscape and even manage unexpected twists.

Futurescape helps companies look at their companies sustainability programmes and answer questions like:

  1. How can this company build on its particular strengths to profit from sustainability?
  2. What are the specific impacts of sustainability issues on its markets, supply chain, staff and so on?
  3. What are the innovations which will enable customers to meet their needs, within environmental limits
  4. What are the markets, current and potential, where the company create a profitable, sustainable offer?
  5. How must the business shape its context to make sure there is a sustainable base to its competitive advantage?
  6. What are the values and activities that brands needs to support that will add value to the business, its customers and society?