Sustainability and the customer experience

Sustainability and social responsibility provide the key impetus of change in business models across the entire gamut of economic activity.

  • Food companies need to build customer trust around freshness and quality of the products they sell
  • FMCG companies are under pressure to cut down on plastic packaging used extensively in shampoos, soaps, cleaning liquids and in almost everything they sell
  • For the Automotive companies the rapid transition towards electric vehicles is very real
  • Mining companies are being asked to prove that they are adhering to human rights in their sourcing
  • Electricity utilities are facing challenges from renewable sources of power and consumers who are can now choose what power to buy
  • Internet companies and social networks are now under regulatory and customer pressure on data usage and privacy laws
The brand experience needs to adapt to the evolving requirements of this rapid change. Not just traditional marketing focused on the customer, brands today have a far larger footprint that needs to be mapped to suppliers, employees and society.

Futurescape co-creates with you in designing brand experiences across stakeholder groups and defining corporate actions that are needed to create these experiences. Some of our services include:

  • Research and reports
  • Multi-stakeholder journey mapping and strategy
  • Design sustainable brand experiences
  • Sustainability tools for the decision maker

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