Fashion and Lifestyle

What we can do for you

  • Work with you in identifying opportunities for your brand
  • Digital proof of concepts, Partner identification
  • Implement marketing programs
  • Service enhancement programs
  • Skill and Learning Certification

The customer looking for that perfect pink top or white jeans is likely to find their answer in one of the social sites. When they walk into a brand store, they are likely more informed about their options than the service representative is about who this customer is.

They may try a few products and perhaps buy online. It is not even a question of objection handling kind of training anymore.

Traditional thinking about retail is focused on location. The location is still important. Some fundamentals don’t change. Digital has updated the context of location. At its simplest, how does the brand take advantage of location awareness? What about contextual services that offer actionable information via notifications and apps? The store and the brand, in a sense, is potentially everywhere.

What does exclusivity mean for a premium brand? What role does the fashion show to a select few mean when the taste makers and influencers are elsewhere on a social platform?

Lifestyle brands are exploring concepts like wearables, beacons, new methods of paying, analysing trends not just within their transactions but in a social context. They are looking to integrate their online and offline presence in one seamless experience.

There is a big change in fashion and lifestyle. It is time to embrace change and make the customer experience relevant.