The Smart Living Experience

Customer Journeys focus on the complete lifecycle

Smart home devices in smart-cities are the technologist’s utopia. Companies though are scrambling to connect home security solutions, air purifiers, and other home automation devices into the fabric of modern life. On the other hand, some of the fastest growing cities in the world are also facing a pollution crisis. Water and energy shortages, huge landfills and public health crises are part of everyday living.

Better living is emerging as a massive need in almost all strata of society. Seamless experiences will increasingly be delivered by companies that range from real estate, healthcare, consumer durables, automotive companies and more. Brands will focus on business models, product and service functionality and communication that promotes better health, better everyday living, helping people and contributing to society.

Consumer journeys will then have to be in far more detail factoring in enhanced functionality, personalisation and sustainable living.

Enhanced product functionality and customer services
Connected to causes
Lower carbon footprint
Zero waste
Always connected.
Always personalised.

Sustainable Development Goals and Indian Companies

Indian companies would like to be part of the global conversation on creating a better world; signing up to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), building capability and aligning to the commitments required.

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Managing Water Better

Water is a precious resource and needs better management to grapple with water shortages on one side and floods on the other side. Internal operations of companies are putting in place goals to reduce wastage and increased reuse of water. Brands and customers have to be part of increased consciousness of better water usage.

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The Quest towards zero waste

Increased consumerism has also lead to increased waste. The last few years have seen the emerging trend of customers wanting to create a world where waste is minimized. Companies are increasingly under pressure by civil society and consumers to reduce packaging waste. Several cities in India have banned plastic. Here’s an overview of work being done by India’s top companies to reduce waste.

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Indian companies are becoming conscious of their impact on the world and several organisations have started biodiversity projects to preserve and protect marine life and life on land.

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Better living customer journeys will increasingly remove the friction between the consumer and the lifestyle they expect to lead. The customer journeys will focus on the complete lifecycle. The linear customer journey of the past which ended when the customer brought the product will now become longer. The lifecycle of product ownership, servicing it and then giving it for re-use or recycling will require holistic attention.

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