Futurescape brings knowledge and relationship expertise to technology services. Technology has therefore been integral to our assignments.

Relationship Programmes

Imagine that you are looking for a company to help your business grow. However, your search may have taken on an entirely different complexion when it comes to relationship building programs because the kind of relationships desired by companies today will be very different from what they were in years past.

You may be looking for ways to build stronger customer connections or connect better with investors and stakeholders. An integrated approach with relevant technology platforms, processes and service design can build strong bonds for your company.

Content solutions

Content is now an integral part of any company’s communication strategy. It has moved from the ambit of marketing to other areas of the organisation. Sustainability, learning and more. It can be anything from blog posts and videos, learning modules, all the way up to chatbots!

Content management is a priority for most businesses, but it can be difficult to successfully manage if you don’t have the right tools. Content published and delivered in many different ways across multiple device types or formats will help ensure your company succeeds. The monolithic platforms of old simply won’t cut it anymore.

Your content should be published in a way tailored for the various ways people view and engage with it. This means you need decoupled solutions or an entirely new architecture! Create once, deliver multiple formats.

Video and hybrid experience

Video is transforming the way that businesses interact with their customers, employees and other stakeholders. Video content management services are being utilised by companies looking to streamline their video production process, while integrated experiences like projection mapping have made it possible for dynamic new forms of creativity and expression. Imagine an interactive sustainability showcase for your customers and other stakeholders.

Visualisation experiences

Knowledge is no longer confined to books, training centres, e-learning modules or even classrooms. With augmented reality and virtual realities being added to companies’ repertoire of knowledge experiences, these new immersive mediums will continue to gain momentum in coming years as they can deliver on that promised sense of immersion.

The future of work is now more engaging than ever before. As a result, companies are investing in augmented reality and virtual reality-based knowledge experiences that can bring employees closer together while also allowing them to have a greater understanding of business decisions at a large scale by being able to see things from different perspectives through immersive technologies connected to business platforms, departments and partner organisations.

The world’s attention has been focused on innovations such us VR/AR—and there’s a good reason why!

Safety and Security Learning Experiences

With the growing emphasis on ESG and increased security risks in digital-first work experiences, companies need to focus on employee safety training. By empowering employees and partners, companies will ensure safe practices for all parties involved. This will create a safer customer experience that also meets the responsibility goals of the organisation.

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