Fashion Matters

The Journey To Sustainable Fashion highlights aspects like Zero Waste Design, No Plastics and Circularity. We provide the insight and toolkits to design new experiences, products and partnerships for a Sustainable Fashion Transformation.

Experience Journeys

The Expertise Your Company needs in Creating Sustainable Fashion Experiences

  • Understand and Design for the Circular Economy
  • New opportunities with materials and partnerships
  • Product and Customer Journeys
  • Opportunities in Fashion Waste
  • Digital Strategy

Sustainable Markets

The big picture on brands and their SDG commitments and the insight on ESG investments that need to be made.

  • Design new business models
  • ESG and Investment decisions
  • SDG Benchmarking of your company and competitors

Learning Centre for Teams

Multifaceted knowledge that your team needs for this transformation.

  • Toolkits and Resources for your Teams
  • Continuous Learning and Workshops
  • Insights on Technology and Certification in the Sector
  • Repository of Sustainable Fashion
  • Masterclass and Case Studies of Top companies