Smarter Products

Products and Experiences Designed for Sustainability

Sustainable Markets

The big picture on product experiences, Corporate SDG commitments and insight on ESG investments

  • Design new business models
  • ESG and Investment decisions
  • SDG Benchmarking of your company and competitors

Product Experiences

Designing for Reuse and Recycling and What it Means for Your Business

  • Design for the circular economy
  • Customer transitions in communication and lifestyles
  • Product Packaging and Labelling Journeys
  • Opportunities in Managing Waste including Plastics
  • Imagine New Partnerships
  • Smart materials
  • IOT, Machine Learning and Platforms

Learning Centre for Teams

Multifaceted Knowledge that Your Team needs for This Transformation.

  • Toolkits and Resources for your Teams
  • Continuous Learning Platform
  • Insights on Technology and Certification in the Sector
  • Masterclass and Case Studies of Top companies