India’s Top Companies for Sustainability and CSR 2019

Top Trends 2019


  • Tata Chemicals is the top ranked company.
  • Tata group companies occupy the prime position. Of the top ten companies, two are from the Tata stable (as compared to three in the previous year).
  • Several companies have moved up the list – Infosys, Bharat Petroleum, Hindalco and Toyota Kirloskar Motors being the chief amongst them
  • One public sector company is in the top 10 list – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd


  • Integrated reporting is ramping up.
  • Manufacturing companies perform better than service companies.
  • Private companies perform better than public companies.
  • Information Technology and Energy are the top performing industries, while Other Financials are laggards.


  • Companies are gradually incorporating SDGs into their responsible business actions. Of the top 100 companies studied, 60% companies have mapped their responsible business actions to SDGs.
  • All the top 10 companies mapped their business goals with SDGs.
  • Key action themes for companies include renewable energy, water, waste and data privacy.

ENERGY – Renewable energy capacity and its utilization have geared up.  While solar is the most preferred, biofuel is picking up speed.

WATER – Access to water and management of water resources continues to be a focus area for internal operations and societal initiatives.

WASTE – Initiatives to manage e-waste, municipal waste and plastic reuse & recycling show an increasing trend.

DATA – Customer data and its privacy has become a material aspect in the operations of services companies.