List of Trends, Ideas, Predictions for 2014

It is the start of 2014. We have compiled a list of interesting predictions and trends that we have come across lately. If you have more suggestions and links, please do share and let’s discuss!

Global Trends

2014: Ageing and Urbanisation Trends March On but Global Demographic Divide Persists

100 Things to Watch in 2014

Big Ideas 2014

  • The Age of Gas
  • Collaborative Innovation Shaping and Changing Our World
  • A Tipping Point for the Internet of Things
  • A Coming Tech Backlash on Privacy?
  • Banking on Infrastructure
  • Invest in People
  • The Year of Clarity
  • The Year of Entrepreneur
  • A Global Glimpse Into the Future
  • China & The West Finally Connect
  • How Not to Lose 30% of Your customers
  • When A Big Idea is The Big Idea
  • Take Ownership
  • You Will Transform Your Own Biology
  • Stop Selling (and Start Marketing)
  • Goodbye Silicon Valley, Hello Silicon Cities
  • Mind The Little Things
  • Transparency Will Change Your Financial Life in 5 Ways
  • Insurance Needs To Catch Up With the Times
  • Entertainment Shrinking to Fit Our Hands
  • Authenticity Goes Viral
  • Entrepreneurship Without Boundaries
  • The One Crucial Leadership Skill is Agility
  • Re-Engage with Millennials or Prepare to be Irrelevant
  • The Texasization of America
  • Social Business Grows Up
  • Leap Year For Media — and Me
  • Be Ruthlessly Focused on Talent Attraction
  • The Warm Embrace of Context
  • Be an Actual Superhero
  • Hello. It’s That Simple
  • Japan’s B-School Revolution
  • Let’s Close the Digital Learning Gap
  • Rise of Career Buddies (Partnering Will Be Hot!)
  • Tech Will Change the Way Gen Y Gets Hired
  • Technology as an Enabler – Not an Intruder – in Healthcare
  • YouTube’s Bay of Pigs Moment
  • Lunch at the Panopticon — The Importance of Openness
  • More Small Businesses Will Launch Than Ever Before
  • Marketers, Get Up Close to Your Customers
  • Nonprofits Must Get Lean to Change the World
  • Finally — Home Tech ‘The Jetsons’ Would Appreciate
  • We Finally Opt Out
  • Your Toaster Gets Chatty
  • The Year of Good Writing (and the One Key to Creating It)
  • Video Makes Facebook and Twitter Matter
  • An Education System Fit For This Century
  • Addressing the Digital-Context Divide
  • You’ll Be Replaced By A Moneyball Executive (Unless You’re One)
  • B2B Marketing Will Look More Like Lego
  • The New Marketing Triad
  • The Adult 401(k)
  • Engineering the Human Body
  • The Couch-Potato-ification of Talent Measurement
  • The Conversation Customers Really Want
  • Embracing a Mobile World
  • Epidemiology Over Ideology
  • The Microchipped Self
  • Geo-Targeting Is Everywhere
  • Act Like Malcolm Gladwell and Recognize Blind Man’s Brilliance
  • Content Shifts to Quality Over Quantity
  • Making Learning a Daily Habit
  • The Sky Is Slowly Falling On Homeownership
  • Move Over, Big Data—It’s Time for Personal Analytics
  • Banking Goes Virtual
  • Poor Communicators Need Not Apply
  • Big Data vs. Big Dreamers
  • Stop Fighting, Start Fixing
  • Context Is the New Content
  • Discomfort Is the New Comfort Zone
  • Compromise So We Can All Win
  • Return of the Pampered Traveler
  • Find a Sponsor Who Believes In Your Potential
  • The Year of Context
  • Listen to the Wisdom of All
  • The Year When ‘Things’ Get Smart, Connections Get Faster and…
  • It’s Time to Play Moneyball
  • The Year for Climate Action
  • Investing Will Completely Change
  • Base Degrees on What We Know, Not How Long We Spent
  • How to Fix Washington’s Approach to Tech
  • The Distinction Between Media and Tech Crumbles
  • Big Brother 1.0 Becomes a Recruiter
  • Creating a Culture of Health

Big Idea 2014: A Global Glimpse Into the Future

  • Shale Gas Revolution
  • Industrialisation of the Internet
  • QE Tapering
  • Free Trade Chess
  • Big Data
  • Infrastructure Revolution
  • Climate Change Back on Agenda
  • Africa

9 Big Trends For 2014 (You Won’t Believe What’s #9)

  • Government versus The Internet
  • The Booming Business Of Content
  • The New Normal: slow growth; public debt; mass unemployment; bubble talk; in-country inequality; crony capitalism
  • A semi-functioning Washington
  • More Blacklisting
  • Corruption in China
  • The Shia-Sunni Great Game In The Middle East
  • Porn Addiction
  • Fewer Listicles!


Why 2014 could be the most interesting year in technology


JWT: 10 Trends for 2014 – Executive Summary

Forbes : The Top 7 Technology Trends that will dominate 2014

  • Consumers will come to expect Smart TV capabilities
  • Smart watches will become ‘smarter’
  • Google Glass will still be in “wait and see” mode
  • Other applications and uses for Apple’s TouchID will emerge
  • Xbox One and PS4 will blur the lines between entertainment and video gaming
  • 3D Printing will begin to revolutionize production
  • The movement towards natural language search will make search more accurate and intuitive

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

  • Mobile Device Diversity and Management
  • Mobile Apps and Applications
  • The Internet of Everything
  • Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker
  • Cloud/Client Architecture
  • The Era of Personal Cloud
  • Software Defined Anything
  • Web-Scale IT
  • Smart Machines
  • 3-D Printing

Forrester: Top Technology Trends For 2014 And Beyond

  • Digital Convergence Erodes Boundaries
  • Digital Experience Delivery Makes (or Breaks) Firms
  • APIs Become Digital Glue
  • The Business Takes Ownership Of Process And Intelligence
  • Firms Shed Yesterday’s Data Limitations
  • Sensors And Devices Draw Ecosystems Together
  • ‘Trust’ And ‘Identity’ Get A Rethink
  • Infrastructure Takes On Engagement
  • Firms Learn from the Cloud and Mobile
  • IT Becomes and Agile Service Broker

PC Magazine : My Top Tech Trends for 2014

  • Google Will Spin Off Motorola
  • Apple Will Release a Groundbreaking Productivity Device
  • Smartphones and Beacon-Based Sensors Become a Very Big Deal
  • Smartwatches Die in 2014
  • The PC Market Could Actually Grow in 2014

9 Tech Trends That Will Make Someone Billions Of Dollars Next Year 

  • People and companies will spend $2.1 trillion on technology.
  • Countries outside the U.S. and Europe will buy tech like crazy.
  • Businesses will pour money into the cloud.
  • Amazon and Google will start a war for the cloud.
  • Mobile devices will go nuts — endangering Microsoft.
  • Big data gets bigger.
  • Social networking software gets absorbed.
  • The rise of crowdsourced innovations.
  • The Internet of Things becomes an actual thing.

These Are The 10 Tech Trends You’re Going To See In 2014 

  • Cities will get smarter
  • Mobile money will continue to grow — as will “mAgri
  • Wearable devices will proliferate
  • iPads and tablets will grow in education
  • Mobile fitness devices will grow even bigger
  • LTE subscribers will double and 4G LTE will start to roll out
  • Device context awareness will accelerate
  • Ouya and other “microconsoles” will disrupt home gaming
  • Personal clouds will explode
  • 3D printer sales will jump

5 massive tech trends that will drive business in 2014 

  • Consumer electronics sees strong growth
  • Big data — Volume, variety, velocity
  • More access to more Wi-Fi
  • Content remains king
  • The rise of the individual

The Top 7 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2014

  • Consumers will come to expect Smart TV capabilities
  • Smart watches will become ‘smarter’
  • Google Glass will still be in “wait and see” mode
  • Other applications and uses for Apple’s TouchID will emerge
  • Xbox One and PS4 will blur the lines between entertainment and video gaming
  • 3D Printing will begin to revolutionize production
  • The movement towards natural language search will make search more accurate and intuitive

Top 10 Predictions for Technology in 2014

  • Siris Move Into Silos.
  • Visualization Goes Mainstream.
  • The Cheaper Factor.
  • Sub-$100 Smartphones dominate the phone category
  • Sub-$250 pads dominate the pad /CarryAlong category.
  • Software Plays on a Flat Hardware Field, as We Build Out the Global Computer.
  • The New Microsoft That No One Expected.
  • Micromapping arrives.
  • The Quantified Self Goes Mainstream.
  • Encryption Everywhere.

Seven technology predictions for 2014

  • Trend # 1 – the era of personal cloud
  • Trend # 2 – biometric authentication to replace passwords
  • Trend # 3 – out with the old and in with the new: embedded technology
  • Trend # 4 – go mobile or go home
  • Trend # 5 – do more with less: the future is in M2M technology
  • Trend # 6 – the new age of apps
  • Trend # 7 – the social dimension where everything is shared

Top tech trends for 2014 – six changes business owners can expect

  • Employees will drive the technology used
  • The desktop still has a place
  • Integration of systems between businesses will boost
  • Big data used to better advantage
  • Office design will shift to cater for mobile workers
  • The cloud will get bigger

10 big tech trends for 2014 and how to use them in your marketing strategy

  • Governance will evolve from an obligation to a true value-add for customers and staff alike.
  • The management of multiple suppliers will be actively tested through the service integration model.
  • As consumers seek more powerful devices and applications, the pace of technological change will increase exponentially, creating new competition in nearly every field and the disruption and realignment of many industries.
  • Companies will have to reinvent themselves to tap into the economic opportunities presented by the Emerging Six countries (Brazil, India, Russia, China, South Korea and Indonesia) who will account for more than half of global GDP growth by 2015.
  • Business decision-making will be based on analysing big data, and access to this data will extend to mobile devices.
  • The world will become ‘mobile-first’, with mobile experiences eclipsing the desktop and tablets and other smart devices entering the enterprise environment en-masse.
  • The growth of the cloud will make devices less important than the services accessed through them.
  • The Internet of Things
  • Payments will evolve, with mobile phones becoming a mainstream payment device and virtual currencies growing in adoption.
  • Revolutions will be seen in various spheres including telecoms,

14 Trends for 2014

Technology Outlook for 2014

  • Connection
  • Hybrid
  • Analytics
  • SDX
  • Mobile

In 2014, Every Business Will Be Disrupted By Open Technology

  • The App Store
  • The “Mom and Pop” Ecosystem
  • IBM Transforms Watson Into An Open Platform
  • The Talent Ecosystem
  • A Fundamental Paradigm Shift
  • Brands are Becoming Platforms
  • Passion and Connections Trump Assets And Capabilities
  • Every Business Must Be Reimagined

Designing for exponential trends of 2014

  • Low-cost/high-function device
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Cloud first becomes cloud-onl
  • WWAN communication tools
  • Cross-platform challenge
  • Small screen/big screen divergence
  • Urban living is digital living
  • Sharing becomes normal
  • Phablets are normal.
  • Storage quotas go away.

Tech Predictions for 2014

  • Google will spin out Motorola
  • Larger tablets for sharing will hit market by mid-year
  • Dual OS laptops and tablets
  • Apple will release a ground breaking productivity device
  • Smartphones and beacon-based sensors become a big deal
  • Smartwatches are dead in 2014
  • The PC market could actually grow in 2014
  • Internet of Everything goes mainstream
  • Greater acceptance of Chromebooks
  • Digital Health will be a big focus in 2014
  • 3D cameras and 3D Printers
  • Jeff Bezos buys the US Post Office

IDC’s Top Ten Technology Predictions For 2014

  • Emerging markets will return to double-digit growth of 10%, driving nearly $740B or 35% of worldwide IT revenues and, for the first time, more than 60% of worldwide IT spending growth.
  • Worldwide IT spending will grow 5% year over year to $2.1 trillion in 2014.
  • Within the 3rd Platform, value will start to migrate “up the stack”, from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to platform as a service (PaaS) and from generic PaaS to data-optimized PaaS.
  • The mobile device onslaught will continue in 2014 with sales of tablets growing by 18% and smartphones by 12%.
  • Cloud spending, including cloud services and the technology to enable these services, will surge by 25% in 2014, reaching over $100B.
  • Spending on big data technologies and services will grow by 30% in 2014, surpassing $14 billion as demand for big data analytics skills continues to outstrip supply.
  • Social technologies will become increasingly integrated into existing enterprise applications over the next 12-18 months.
  • Datacenters represent the physical foundation underneath the cloud, and are thus a crucial component of the 3rd Platform.
  • The 3rd Platform will deliver the next generation of competitive advantage apps and services that will significantly disrupt market leaders in virtually every industry.
  • The 3rd Platform will continue to expand beyond smartphones, tablets, and PCs in 2014 to the Internet of Things (IoT).

7 tech trends to watch in 2014 : Implantable tech + more 

  • Wearable Tech
  • Home Automation
  • Big Data
  • Implantable Tech
  • 3D Printing
  • Tablets
  • Storage

Next Year’s big things : The trends for 2014 part one and part two

  • The rise of ‘me-tail’
  • Sequential messaging
  • Privacy in 2014
  • Immersive experiences
  • Native content

Andreessen Horowitz On Why It’s Betting On Drones, Bitcoin and 3D Printing

  • Bitcoin
  • Drones
  • 3D Printing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Mobile-first

25 Game-Changing Trends That Will Create Disruption & Opportunity (Part 1 & 2)

  • Big Data Gets Bigger and Becomes a Service
  • Cloud Computing Gets Personal and Advanced Cloud Services
  • On Demand Services
  • Virtualization of Storage, Desktops, Applications, and Networking
  • Consumerization of IT
  • Wear Your Own Device (WYOD
  • Gameification of Training and Education
  • Online Learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  • eBooks, eNewspapers, eMagazines and Interactive Multimedia eTextbooks
  • Social Business Applications
  • Smart Phones & Tablets Get Smarter
  • Mobile Apps for Business Processes
  • 3D Displays for Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Apps
  • Intelligent Electronic Agents
  • Digital Identity Management
  • Mobile Banking and Payments
  • Visual Communications
  • Enhanced Location Awareness
  • Smart TV Using Apps and Streaming Entertainment
  • Personalized Manufacturing
  • Smart Machines, Smart Homes, Smart Cities, and Smart Cars Will Increasingly Become Aware of Situational Changes and Respond
  • Advanced Automation and Robotics
  • Drones For Fire, Police, and Search and Rescue
  • Energy Storage

The Top UX Predictions for 2014

  • Rise of the Pegasus – Wayne Greenwood
  • I Got My Degree in Customer Experience – Shep Hyken
  • More Rounded Content Strategists – Ben Barone-Nugent
  • More Targeted Gestures and Possibly Better use of Buttons and Taps – Mary Brodie
  • Skeuohaptic Response – Nick Cawthon
  • Responsive Iconography – Jason Cranford Teague, UX Lead at Gannett Digital Marketing Services
  • Stroke and Fill Icon Selection – David Ly, Product Designer at JW Player
  • Over-Use of Navigation Icon – Hana Schank

Your Badge, Please: Why 2014 Will See A War Over Professional Identity

  • The Google Way
  • Microsoft’s Cloud Is Rising
  • LinkedIn’s New Connections
  • Battles Inside And Out
  • Others Waiting In The Wings

Top 10 tech trends for 2014: Wearables, 3D printers, mobile money, and more

  • Cities will get smarter
  • Mobile money will continue to grow — as will ‘mAgri’
  • Wearable devices will proliferate
  • iPads and tablets will grow in education
  • Mobile fitness devices will grow even bigger
  • LTE subscribers will double and 4G LTE will start to roll out
  • Device context awareness will accelerate
  • Ouya and other ‘microconsoles’ will disrupt home gaming
  • Personal clouds will explode
  • 3D printer sales will jump

 8 tech trends to watch in China for 2014

  • Weibo will go out of style
  • Fewer bitcoins
  • Baidu will continue to decline in search
  • 4G-enabled services and devices
  • Console gaming
  • Electric vehicles
  • More high-quality Chinese-brand smartphones

Ask a Billionaire: Eric Schmidt’s 2014 Predictions


Predictions for 2014 : Computing Technologies in the age of the customer.

  • Mobility: Look for a sustained mobile mind shift.
  • Fragmentation: Watch device proliferation and fragmentation continue.
  • Wearables: Expect accelerated innovation in wearable devices and business models.
  • Intelligent assistants: Anticipate their rise to prominence.
  • Gestural computing: Plan on seeing new applications and scenarios.
  • Channel: Time for discontinuous innovation.

Disruptions: Coming in 2014: Extremely Smart Watches and Wearable TV

  • Smart watches
  • Smart phones
  • Wearable TVs

Robots, Regenerative Medicine and More: Futurists Gaze Into 2014

  • Kneel before your robot overlords
  • Regenerative medicine: Just hit print
  • Quantum computing
  • The quantified self
  • The Internet of Things

10 technology trends to watch in 2014

  • Space tourism
  • Wearable tech
  • Internet of things
  • Robots on the rise
  • Machines in the sky
  • Bigger, smarter TVs
  • 3D printed everything
  • Multi-screen world
  • The fight for privacy
  • Smartphone market continues to grow

Thought 2013 was epic for gaming? Wait until you see what’s coming next.

  • Gaming peripherals are coming
  • Mobility
  • New possibilities with older hardware
  • Next gen games will show the hardware’s true potential
  • Oculus Rift is here
  • Steam Machines will challenge the norm
  • Tradeshows will be the best in years

Tech Trends for 2014: What to Expect

  • Drones Delivering Your Online Purchases
  • Wearable Technology: Google Glass, Smartwatches
  • Health and Fitness Monitoring Device
  • 3-D Printing

7 Huge Tech Trends to Expect in 2014

  • Smart Home Tech Explosion
  • Privacy Backlash
  • Ads in Everything
  • Cloud Wars
  • Hello, 4K Content
  • Drone Wars
  • Promising Advancements in Nanotech

Predictions 2014: A Difficult year to see

  • 2014 is the year climate change goes from a political debate to a global force for unification and immediate action. It will be seen as the year the Internet adopted the planet as its cause.
  • Automakers adopt a “bring your own” approach to mobile integration.
  • By year’s end, Twitter will be roundly criticized for doing basically what it did at the beginning of the year.
  • Twitter and Apple will have their first big fight, most likely over an acquisition.
  • Google will see its search related revenues slow, but will start to extract more revenues from its Android base.
  • Google Glass will win – but only because Google licenses the tech, and a third party will end up making the version everyone wants.
  • Facebook will buy something really big.
  • Overall, 2014 will be a great year for the technology and Internet industries

2014: Year Of The Open Ecosystem

  • The App Store
  • The “Mom and Pop” Ecosystem
  • Open Intelligence
  • The Talent Ecosystem
  • A Fundamental Paradigm Shift
  • Brands are Becoming Platforms
  • Passion and Connections Trump Assets and Capabilities
  • Every Business Must Be Reimagined

Kick-Start 2014 with Trends and Insights from Mitch Joel

Five Game-Changing Predictions for IT in 2014

  • The Customer Experience Rules
  • Stand and Deliver
  • An “APPetite” for IT will Fuel the API Economy
  • Security Tops the Agenda
  • The Skills Crisis Will Reach a Critical Point

CA Technologies Top 5 IT Predictions for 2014

  • A Mounting Skills Crisis
  • IT Gains an “APPetite” and Fuels the API Economy
  • Rise of Experience-Centric Everything
  • Demand for Accelerated Delivery
  • Security Tops the IT and Business Agenda

2014: Time to Rethink Privacy

  • BYOD mobile policies
  • The myth that young consumers don’t care about privacy
  • Subpoenas and search warrants
  • How to publish your privacy policy

SDN in 2014: More of Everything

Updated: Top 100 Technology Predictions for 2014 Part I

  • New Microsoft CEO
  • Most Digital Baby
  • New Juniper CEO
  • Leaving Las Vegas (Pretty Please?)
  • Windows 8.11 Will Change The World
  • The VAR Guy’s Identity Will Be Revealed
  • Windows XP Will Finally Die
  • How Does That Work?
  • Retro Gaming and The Apocalypse
  • Big 4 Becomes Big 5
  • Software-Defined Everything
  • The Social Bachelor
  • All Covered Will Buy an MSP
  • Diving Back In
  • Nice View
  • Sweet Arrival
  • Four’s Company
  • If A Tree Falls
  • Apple iTV Finally Ships
  • Powerful Combo?
  • Cisco’s Next CEO?
  • Great Minds..: The VAR Guy’s sales team
  • Did I Do That?
  • Readers Will Rule This Blog Entry
  • Amazon Web Services Will Rule
  • HP Will Continue To Flail
  • Cloud Noise Shifts to Customer Retention
  • Technology, Not T&A
  • In-Memory Database Adoption Will Accelerate
  • VARs Meet Recurring Revenues
  • Analysts’ Lives Get More Complex; But Also Easier
  • Successful VARs Will Get More Selective
  • Public Cloud Providers, Especially Amazon, Will Get Serious About Providing Private Cloud Solutions For The Enterprise
  • OpenStack Becomes Commercially Viable
  • Cloud Won¹t Be Just For Development And Test Servers Anymore
  • Technology Refresh Will Focus On Business Outcomes
  • Explosion Of Enterprise Flash
  • Private Cloud Puts Everyone At Ease
  • Object Storage Casts a Light on Big Dark Data
  • Software Defined Everything
  • Enterprise CIOs will run to an Open Compute architecture to define the emerging Enterprise Cloud
  • Data Sovereignty will be a monster issue
  • A Mounting Skills Crisis
  • IT Gains an “APPetite” and Fuels the API Economy
  • Rise of Experience-Centric Everything
  • Demand for Accelerated Delivery
  • Security Tops the IT and Business Agenda
  • Providers will need a marquee customer or application that’s being
  • served in the cloud
  • Disaster Recovery will be the new Œnormal for single datacenter users.
  • Cloud consolidation arrives

Six Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

  • The app-centric enterprise emerges
  • The shift from personal devices to personal clouds accelerates
  • Big data and analytics get real
  • The Internet of things connects to business
  • Emerging standards take hold in software-defined everything
  • Enterprise social collaboration grows and becomes more holistic

Cisco’s Chambers: 2014 Will Be an Inflection Point for the Internet of Everything

2014: The year of encryption

  • Diamonds and paperclips
  • Keeping the regulator happy
  • ‘Back doors’
  • Don’t be cheap

9 predictions for kids’ tech in 2014

  • Consolidation x10
  • Virtual worlds become something else
  • Netflix acquires a kids content producer
  • Chat apps create further pressure for online identity legislation
  • Toca Boca signs its first TV deal
  • A breakout ebook for kids emerges
  • For ad agencies, multi-channel becomes the new normal
  • Real-time Bidding fails to take hold in the kids market

Trends to Watch in 2014 from Altimeter Group

  • Trend #1: The Integration of Digital, Social, and Mobile in Marketing and Content
  • Trend #2: Data is the New Disruption
  • Trend #3: Disruptive Digital Transformation

Top 10 Tech Trends of 2014

Tech trends for 2014: wearables, phablets and e-visits

  • Wearable devices
  • Phablets aren’t a phad
  • The decade of software is upon us
  • TV ‘cord-stacking’ will outdo cord-cutting
  • E-visits instead of doctor waiting rooms

Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions 2014


10 Technology trends for 2014

5 Tech Trends We’ll See More of in 2014

  • BYOD evolves to BYOC and BYOA
  • Big Data Grows Up
  • The Internet of Things Enables Sensor-Driven Business Models
  • Mobile Truly Becomes the Remote Control of Your Life
  • The Web Becomes the World’s Data Center

The coolest things technology has up its sleeve in 2014

  • Electric cars take to the track
  • Space tourism blasts off
  • Wind power blows stronger
  • Are we finally heading to Mars?
  • Synthetic biology begins to grow
  • Wearable technology is on trend
  • Dark matter
  • Crowd-funding comes of age

15 Tech Trends That Will Define 2014, Selected By Frog

  • Anonymity will go mainstream
  • Drones. Everywhere. And Rapidly Evolving
  • Disconnecting in the Modern, Digital World
  • Rise of the Chinese Internet Giants
  • Min Control
  • Augmented Reality
  • Self Driving Cars
  • The Internet of Things goes to art school
  • Data, Rich and full of value
  • The Re-Interpretation of Craft
  • Bucking the price norm
  • The Uber-Fication of services
  • The Consumer will own data
  • Quantified self at the office
  • Reinvention of the PC as productivity tool.

Cloud Technology

10 Trends for #Cloud Computing in 2014 To Dominate Digital Disruption

Cloud Predictions For 2014

  • The cloud ushers in a new era in wearable technology.
  • Specialized clouds emerge.
  • Open source projects become even more prevalent and popular.
  • IT will soon mean Information Transformation.
  • Small packages, big time-savings.

10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014

  • More Businesses Will Become Software Companies
  • Application Developers Will Become More Important
  • Application Workload Placement Decisions Will Continue to Shift to End Users
  • Private Cloud Will Have Its Moment of Truth
  • Cloud Brokerage Will Come Into Focus
  • AWS Will Continues Its Torrid Pace of Innovation
  • Google, Microsoft Will Get Serious About the Cloud
  • The Importance of Ecosystem Will Become Clear
  • VMware Will Realizes vCHS Is Critical to Its Future
  • A Pricing Bloodbath Is Coming to the Public Cloud

Changing Cloud Scapes in 2014

  • Enterprise decision makers will no longer debate whether cloud services are reliable or secure enough to handle their corporate needs and will aggressively pursue strategic cloud initiatives that will transform the way they operate to better compete in an increasingly challenging business environment.
  • IT and in-house software development teams will attempt to work more closely together to help corporate business units select the right cloud service providers to satisfy their functional requirements.
  • ISVs and other technology vendors that don’t offer a combination of public and private cloud solutions to respond to the varying needs of their corporate customers will be at a competitive disadvantage and quickly lose a significant share of the market.
  • Although horizontal cloud solutions will continue to experience significant growth, vertical market solutions aimed at specific industries will grow even more rapidly.
  • ISVs and other technology vendors that don’t establish partner-friendly channel programs specifically designed to address the unique dynamics associated with cloud services will fail to extend their reach in the marketplace.
  • Best-of-breed cloud providers that don’t offer clearly differentiated solutions that are strongly aligned with key SaaS, PaaS and IaaS market players won’t survive.
  • Successful cloud solution providers will design their services to be delivered via mobile platforms, offer social networking capabilities and include analytics that provide key performance indicators (KPIs) and other industry benchmark statistics to their customers that help them maximize the value of their solutions.
  • Although business intelligence (BI) will be embedded into a widening array of business applications, a major cloud BI player will emerge from today’s highly fragmented market.
  • Systems integrators and other professional services firms will continue to experience rapid growth in response to escalating demand for specialized skills to plan, design, develop, select, implement, integrate and manage cloud solutions.
  • Cloud solution provider consolidation will accelerate through a growing number of acquisitions, mergers and asset sales. And IPOs of cloud solutions providers will also broaden to include SaaS, PaaS and IaaS providers with both horizontal and vertical market orientations.

Cloud computing experts forecast the market climate in 2014

  • Mark Eisenberg – The fiasco with might spur a change in the conversation.
  • Roger Jennings – The coming year promises to be another substantial growth year for PaaS.
  • Paul Korzeniowski – The market is entering a new phase, a more mature one, one where more discipline will be added to cloud purchase.
  • David S. Linthicum – The market will begin to focus more on applications in the cloud rather than infrastructure.
  • Tom Nolle – The year 2014 will be when we move beyond simple PaaS to “platform services.”
  • Dan Sullivan – Amazon dominated the cloud news in 2013, but 2014 will be a good year for Microsoft and Google.
  • Mark Szynaka – In 2014, the enterprise will actually engage the cloud delivery model starting with private cloud.

Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014 : Cloud Joins the formal IT portfolio

  • SaaS becomes de facto for buying new applications.
  • Public Cloud will be the default backbone for IoT.
  • The Service Catalog Becomes The Strategic Cloud Entry Point.
  • Perimeter security shifts outside the perimeter, where it belongs.
  • Australia rises to the No. 2 public cloud computing market.
  • Cloud-to-cloud continuity will get serious with SaaS.
  • Chef and Puppet will usurp commercial automation solutions-
  • Bring-your-own-encryption will dominate the security discussion in 2014.
  • Cloud security will be much more centralized and automated.
  • Enhanced virtualization and private cloud become separate initiatives.

My One Big Fat Cloud Computing Prediction for 2014

  • Cloud computing is set to become mainstream computing, period.

SaaS predictions for 2014

  • The matter of multitenancy
  • Hybrid SaaS
  • Geographic depth
  • Keeping customers happy
  • Consolidation in marketing, HCM
  • SaaS goes vertical
  • Can’t have SaaS without a PaaS

2014 Forecast for Cloud Computing

  • Further Segmentation, Greater Education
  • Human Resources and Marketing Take Charge of Tech Innovation
  • The CIO Becomes a Cloud Enabler
  • Small Companies Have Access to Big Software
  • Shift to Application-centric Software Development
  • IT Increasingly Decentralizes
  • The Cloud Delivers Software on Tap
  • Providers Add Gravity to the Cloud
  • The Cloud Gets Intelligent
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Comes Into Its Own

Cloud computing 2014: Moving to a zero-trust security model

  • Data encryption
  • Key management and data ownership
  • Regionalization
  • Increased transparency

What’s next for cloud computing in 2014

  • Growth of industry-specific cloud services
  • Growth of cloud management and governance
  • More focus on the hard things in cloud computing, such as performance and security
  • More application migration—most are poorly done

Big Data

IBM’s Predictions: 6 Big Data Trends In 2014

  • More analytics, fewer gut feelings.
  • Businesses get serious about big data privacy and security.
  • A bigger investment in big data.
  • Welcome, Chief Data Officer.
  • Smarter big data apps.
  • Outside data is as important as inside data.

2014 Technology Predictions Series: Alpine Data Labs on Big Data

  • Machines will take over decision-making based on analytics.
  • Women will take a far more prominent role in the world of data science,
  • We will see increasing emphasis on collaborative and web-based solutions for data science and advanced analytics.
  • Spark and other alternatives to Hadoop will rise,
  • Retail companies will be using predictive analytics for offline marketing in ways that, until now, were used exclusively for online marketing.
  • Students will begin to learn fundamental data science principles as part of their high school curriculum.
  • Predictive analytics will soon be used to supply consumers with information on cause and effect.

Big Data In 2014: 6 Bold Prediction

  • More Hadoop projects will fail than succeed.
  • Enterprises will focus less on big data and more on stepping up their data management game.
  • The pace of big data innovation in the open-source community will accelerate in 2014
  • The need for automated tools will become increasingly critical.
  • Beware, Oracle! 2014 will be the year of SQL on Hadoop.
  • Big data flies to the cloud.

Seven Big Data Trends for 2014

  • The rise of the Industrial Internet
  • It is going to be cloudy: Big-Data-as-a-Service solutions
  • Security to protect the privacy
  • Personalization will become personal
  • Education will be essential for success
  • Big data moves into mixed data
  • It’s time for a Proof of Concept

2014 Trends in Data Governance

  • Big Data Governance
  • Master Data Management and Big Data
  • Mobile Devices
  • Cloud Management Platforms
  • Further Forward

Big Data in 2014 – The trends behind the predictions

  • The bloom will come off the rose, and big data will need to prove its business value
  • Tableau and QlikView licenses will outpace Excel licenses
  • By the end of 2014, half of all BI vendors will begin seeking an exit
  • Internet of Things (IoT) starts to gain traction
  • We can finally realize the full potential of data scientists

2014: The Year Big Data Adoption Goes Mainstream In The Enterprise

  • Enterprises Ahead in Big Data Initiatives
  • Significant Big Data Investments Planned
  • Big Data is here to stay
  • Quality & Speed and Main Drivers to Invest
  • Big Data Investment to remain strong
  • Staffing up for big data initiatives


Digital Trends and Predictions

Top Digital Trends For 2014

  • The explosion of wearable technology and the internet of things
  • The rapid growth of mobile devices, applications and usage (especially overseas as their primary device)
  • Big Data is becoming Big Insights, with sophisticated analytics and CMO’s evolving into CIO’s
  • More and more companies are successfully tapping into crowdfunding sources, putting pressure on VC’s
  • Venture capital firms are moving towards the poles, either very early stage or very late stage (less need for middle)
  • Super angels and angel networks are taking share from traditional venture funds
  • Images and short videos will become the go-to viral tactic, more than textual content
  • The importance of being positioned as a domain expert through Google GOOG -0.7%+ Authorship
  • You must serve all mobile platforms, to effectively meet the social needs of younger generations “Y” and “Z”
  • Deeper geo-location focus of Google’s algorithm is requiring localized link-building in your target markets
  • Growing voice-activated searches from mobile devices means more need for “long tail” Q&A based keywords
  • Post Google’s Hummingbird update, they are now emphasizing “context” over “content” (less about keywords)
  • Quality trumps quantity in terms of getting the attention of key media or bloggers (make it relevant and newsworthy)
  • PR has become less about mass releases, and more about contributed articles by thought leaders on target media outlets
  • Content is still king, but now in multiple formats: blogs, white papers, case studies, articles, videos, webinars, events, etc.
  • Responsive web design has become the bare minimum starting point, to optimize for multiple mobile devices
  • Make sure you leverage the full capabilities of iOS7, as there are many new features therein to help startups
  • When building native apps, start with iOS, but don’t leave Android far behind (you need both, given growth of each)

2014 Digital Trends And Predictions From Marketing Thought Leaders

  • Location based marketing
  • Brands acting as producers
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Images and Visuals
  • Advocacy
  • New creating ways of reaching customers
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Social Media will become pay to play channel
  • Optimizing content across screens.
  • Wearable Technology
  • Community Engagement Strategy
  • Cloud Economy
  • Native Advertising
  • Co-Create with customers
  • Branded content marketing
  • BitCoin and Virtual Currency
  • UX Design and Brand Storytelling
  • Podcasting
  • Anticipatory Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Community
  • Social Listening Solutions
  • Hoaxes
  • Collaborative Economy.

Predictions for 2014 : The Digital View

  • Disintermediation
  • Always-on social media
  • New platforms challenging Facebook’s dominance
Disciplines merge
  • Social customer service as marketing
  • Bite-sized content

2014: Three digital marketing trends for the year ahead

  • The rise of social TV
  • Snapchat marketing
  • Brands get more mature with advocates

Our 10 Boldest Predictions For The Digital Payments Industry In 2014

  • NFC will die.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy will conquer retail.
  • Bitcoin hype will die down, and more will use it for what it was meant for — a means of global exchange
  • Amazon will try to make friends with offline retailers, and offer them a payments platform.
  • The payments industry will consolidate and mature at a rapid pace, with a bevy of acquisitions and a handful of IPOs, including Square’s.
  • Carrier billing is going to explode in emerging markets.
  • Square will sputter as it tries to grow its point-of-sale market share and cross into e-commerce.
  • The mobile wallet is going to be dramatically reconceived.
  • Retail banks will also compete for mobile and online audiences with beefed up personal banking apps.
  • Mobile commerce will account for a third of holiday shopping in 2014.

3 Major Web Design Trends For 2014

  • Simplicity
  • Storytelling
  • Responsive Design

Social Media

Social Media Trends for 2014

Social media trends for 2014

  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • On-going Employee Engagement Across Social Platforms
  • Google+ can no longer be ignored
  • Educate and Inform
  • Focus on Visual Content
  • Don’t forget the power of integration

Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2014

  • Businesses will learn how to better monetize social
  • Social media users will be comfortable sharing more
  • User-generated content becomes more important
  • Google+ gains momentum
  • Facebook gains respect

Strongest Social Media Trends in 2014

  • Better monetisation
  • More sharing
  • More user-generated content
  • Google+
  • Facebook

11 Web Marketing and Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2014

  • Mobile Is About To Go Mainstream
  • Niche Sites Will Make An Impact
  • Blogging Will Remain The #1 Way To Generate New Business
  • Spammy Content Will Be Eliminated Everywhere
  • Google Plus Will Grow Faster Than Ever
  • Triggered Emails Will Increase Sales
  • Ambassadors And Influencers Will Hold The Power
  • Image-Centric Sites Will Continue To Rise
  • Video Consumption Will Increase
  • Sharing Will Be More Important Than Ever
  • Marketing Will Be About Adding Value

Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2014

  • Investing in Social Media Will Be a Necessity
  • Google+ is Going to Be a Huge Superstar
  • Networks that are Image-Centric Will Be Successful
  • Micro-Video Will Rise
  • LinkedIn Will Amplify its Position as a B2B Market Player


Wearable Technology Trends to Watch in 2014

  • The “second wave” of wearables is coming.
  • Wearable technology will soon be in your car.
  • Wearables will raise new privacy concerns in the New Year.

Seven Wearable Tech Predictions for 2014

  • The War Will Be For Your Wrist
  • Smartwatch Makers Struggle to Get It Right
  • Standalone Wearables Launch, But Too Early
  • The Death of the Activity Tracker
  • The Glasshole Population Grows…Slowly
  • Tech Companies Realize Wearables are Fashion
  • Apps for Wearables Take Them From Toys to Tools

2014 Essays: Wearable technology

  • The big players in the wearables space
  • Smart Clothing
  • The Future if Wearables

Apple To Dominate The Wearable Devices Market

  • Wearables Are Not Real Computers
  • Apple Mistimes The Market
  • Tim Cook Is Steve Ballmer
  • The Next Evolution of Apple


Brightstar 2014 Mobile Trends Report

Forbes : Five Hottest Mobile Trends For 2014

  • Apple will fill the enterprise void created by the impending demise of BlackBerry.
  • Wearables will not catch on until well after 2014.
  • Analytics will help companies change consumer behavior.
  • Cars get connected.
  • FAA allows personal calls on flights, but most airlines continue to ban calls. 

2014: The year we start developing for mobile first

  • 50/50
  • Apps
  • Level

Four trends that will shape the smartphone market in 2014

  • Higher screen resolutions
  • LTE picks up the pace
  • A game console in disguise
  • More focus on low-end devices

Mobile commerce: 5 trends to watch in 2014

  • Mobile is mainstream now and will grow to dominate client computing for e-commerce
  • Native mobile apps will continue to preferred by consumers over web based applications
  • Windows 7 laptops will continue to dominate the workplace, and Apple will dominate the corporate tablet market.
  • Personalization will grow.
  • Small screens will grow and tablets will shrink to converge at a 7-inch form “SmartTab” factor.

In 2014, The Mobile Web Will Die—And Other Mobile Predictions

  • There Will Be No Apple Television Set
  • The Apple iWatch Cometh
  • Samsung’s Lead In Smartphones Will Decline
  • HTML5 Takes Over The Mobile Web
  • Google Glass Becomes A Consumer Product
  • Android Goes 64-Bit
  • The Concept Of “Mobile” Will Die

2014 Predictions for Mobile Gaming

  • VC investment into mobile gaming companies will remain well below 2011 levels
  • Public companies
  • Further consolidation will take place in the mobile metrics-as-a-service and analytics space
  • Increased marketing costs.
  • At least one IPO in the space

Forrester Predictions 2014 : Mobile Trends For Marketers

  • Competitive advantage in mobile will shift from experience design to big data and analytics.
  • Mobile contextual data will offer deep customer insights — beyond mobile.
  • Mobile advertising will start maturing.

Business & Workplace

Top Employee Engagement Trends for 2014

Top 5 Business Trends of 2014… and how to capitalise on them

  • Content marketing is king
  • Big Data
  • Pop-upification
  • Localisation goes global
  • Right-sized personalisation


  • Healthcare’s impact on the workplace
  • Freelancing becomes a normal way of life
  • Gender pay gap starts to close
  • The economy delays career growth
  • Boomers retiring – changing demographics in the workplace
  • Employers create new ways of filtering candidates
  • More companies provide wellness programs
  • The continuous job search
  • ROI of college is looked at closer
  • Reputation become more important for both professionals and companies

My “Social HR” predictions for 2014

  • Employee Referrals will go social
  • Gamification will impact Assessments, Onboarding and Learning
  • Large organizations will deploy their own version of MOOCs
  • Recognition will try to go social
  • Employer Branding will move from social engagement to social advertising
  • Content specialists will be used by HR

The future of work: 4 trends for 2014

  • The consumerization of work
  • Dominance of mobile OS and the emergence of social OS
  • Quantified self and the “me-ization” of productivity and performance
  • Algorithmic science displaces folklore: AI in the workplace 

Outlook14: What Indian E-Commerce Companies Plan To Do

Brand & Marketing

2014: 10 Trends That Will Matter for Brands

7 Key Marketing Trends for 2014

Landor Associates predicts top 10 brand trends for 2014

  • Wearable tech is not just for gadget heads.
  • Obamacare opens the door for greater and healthier consumer empowerment.
  • Brands become “enablers” of public service.
  • Man as “wife.”
  • “Second life” packaging becomes first priority.
  • “Clean slate” brands clean up.
  • “What happens at Yale stays at Yale.
  • Luxury brands are back and bigger than ever.
  • Social media becomes old school.
  • Brand is as brand does.

Brand And Marketing Trends For 2014

  • Consumers Expect More
  • Attention Must Be Paid to Brands
  • Category is King
  • Brands Will Get Emotional
  • Real Brand “Engagement” Defined
  • Targeting Becomes Personal
  • Digital Done Right
  • Content is King, Too
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Fewer Tedious Texts
  • Micro Becomes Mainstream
  • Integration Intensification
  • Data Deceleration
  • The Funnel Flattens

Experts outline key brand marketing trends in 2014

  • A focus on quality
  • Perception of reality
  • Real-time marketing aided by location-based advertising
  • An increasing divergence between grand narratives and fragmented consistency
  • Great things, small packages
  • Brands with online personalities

Top five brand marketing trends for 2014

  • Get mobile
  • Get emotional
  • Get engagement
  • Get personal
  • Get visual

14 Brand and Marketing Trends for 2014

  • Consumers Expect More
  • Attention Must Be Paid to Brands
  • Category is King
  • Brands Will Get Emotional
  • Real Brand “Engagement” Defined
  • Targeting Becomes Personal
  • Digital Done Right
  • Content is King, Too
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Fewer Tedious Texts
  • Micro Becomes Mainstream
  • Integration Intensification
  • Data Deceleration
  • The Funnel Flattens

7 top digital marketing trends to watch in 2014

  • The rise of short video
  • B2B will find more success through education rather than conversation
  • Content marketing becomes more targeted
  • Digital agencies will need to prioritise innovation
  • Social media data collection will come under scrutiny
  • Social marketing will combine real world and online world
  • Smartphone apps will mature

The Future of Digital Marketing : 8 Trends

  • Online Communities Fuel the Social Engine
  • Ignore the Cloud at Your Own Peril
  • Gamification Accelerates Productivity
  • The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer
  • Your Consumers are Mobile, So are You

7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014 

The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

  • Content Marketing Will be Bigger Than Ever
  • Social Media Marketing Will Require More Diversity
  • Image-Centric Content Will Rule
  • Less Will be More
  • Mobile-Friendly Content Will Be Necessary
  • Ad Retargeting Will Grow in Effectiveness
  • SEO and Social Signals Will Become Even More Intertwined

14 Digital Trends That Will Drive Hotel Marketing Strategies in 2014

The 5 Top SEO And Online Marketing Trends For 2014

  • The Ever-Changing Google Search
  • Optimization for Multi-Screen and Smart Phone & Tablet Use
  • Local Search Competition on Search Engines
  • Remember There are More Users in HTML 5 Compatible Environments than in Flash
  • Pinterest Usage Soars

Rakuten Marketing reveals retail marketing trends for 2014

  • Rewarding the modern purchase journey
  • We’re not all clickers
  • Shoppable content
  • Super-target the single customer
  • Brands going global

The Content Marketing Forecast: 10 Predictions for 2014

  • Content will be its own role or department.
  • Regulations around native advertising will increase.
  • The CPV native bubble will burst.
  • Marketers will be more accountable for ROI than ever before.
  • Brands will streamline vendors and move to a single platform.
  • LinkedIn will be a go-to news source and a go-to distribution channel.
  • Everyone will invest in mobile, and it will have to strongly reflect brands.
  • Europe will get the content bug — big time.
  • Agencies will productize content.
  • Distribution budgets will get consolidated.

What Should CMOs Do In 2014? IDC’s Top Ten Predictions

  • The CMO role will burst traditional boundaries
  • CMO and CIO pairs (only a few notable successes?) will throw out the rule book,
  • By 2020, the marketing function in leading companies will be re-organized
  • Marketing will move towards a shared services model
  • CMOs will integrate media silos to provide data-driven multi-channel coverage.
  • 80% of customer data will be wasted due to immature enterprise data “value chains”
  • By the end of 2014, 60% of CMOs will have a formal recruiting process for marketers with data skills.
  • Only 20% of marketers will receive formal training on analytics and customer data management.
  • Fragmented marketing IT point products and low adoption rate will inhibit companies’ ability to win customers
  • Digital marketing investment will exceed 50% of total program budget by 2016

What The Best Brands Will Do In 2014

  • Being Best in Product and Services Development and Delivery
  • Being Best in Collaboration
  • Being Best in Retail
  • Being Best in Communication
  • Being Best in Using Customer-Focused Technology
  • Being Best in Data-Driven Customer Experience and Customer Services
  • Being Best in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Need of Having the Right Organization, Processes, and People in Place

Landor : Trends in packaging

  • Plant-based choices
  • Second life
  • Pure and simple
  • Beauty to go
  • Celebrity co-branding

2014 Content Marketing Trends

What Will Branding Look Like In 2014?

  • Tinkering and Experimentation
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • The Workplace Looking More and More Like Millennials
  • To Break Up or Not to Break Up
  • The Rise of mPOS
  • Over-60s Seek New Roles
  • Rebranding the World’s Oldest Organization
  • Getting Down and Dirty with Prebiotics
  • The Yin of Virtual Living Driving the Yang of Hands-On Activities
  • Artisanal Everything

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

  • Content continues to be king
  • Growth of video marketing
  • Social media diversification

2014 Marketing Trends You Probably Haven’t Heard

  • Business Model Disruption Will Get Spikier
  • Squeeze the Marketing Cost Balloon
  • Head or Tail of Content Distribution—Pick One!!!
  • Digital Immigrants Eye the Grand Canyon, Planning for the Leap
  • Somebody Will Create a Hype Game about Gamification
  • Smart Brands Will Formalize Change Pre-Viz Teams
  • Bot Traffic Becomes 135% of all Internet Traffic
  • Some Brands Will Call a Tech Timeout
  • Some CIO-CMO Tandems Will Get Down to Brass Tacks
  • Google Reveals that Larry Page is Actually a Self-Aware, Driverless Car


7 Consumer Trends to run with in 2014

Ericsson presents 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2014

2014: The Year of Connected Customer Data

  • Drowning in Data
  • The Year of Connected Customer Data

What’s Trending (Already) In 2014? Ford’s Futurist Breaks It Down.

  • Your work is about, literally, predicting the future. Where do you get your ideas?
  • We just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the assembly line, which was invented by Henry Ford himself. What kind of cars do you think we’ll be driving in the next 100 years?
  • Since your work is innovative by design, I imagine it’s tough sometimes to get the buy-in needed to move forward. Since this is a familiar challenge in business, can you give one piece of advice for someone who also needs internal support for a forward-thinking idea?
  • What has been your greatest career challenge and how did you overcome it?
  • If you could go back and give your 20-year-old self one piece of career advice, what would it be?

5 must know African consumer trends to run with in 2014

  • FABA
  • Mobile Roaming
  • Civil Info-Nation
  • Africa (Collabo)Rising
  • Remotely Great

Driving Technologies that will delight customers.

  • Spend more time on technologies that will inspire and delight customers, either directly or indirectly.
  • Tablets revolutionize sales.
  • Retail brings digital into the store.
  • Wearable technology in healthcare empowers better patient experiences.

10 trends changing how you’ll shop in 2014

  • Mobile purchasing goes mainstream.
  • Delivery times will decrease.
  • Everything will be personalized.
  • New outlet stores abound.
  • Your phone is your wallet.
  • Big Boxes continue to get smaller.
  • Couponing will go high-tech.
  • Buying local goes beyond the grocery store.
  • In-store experiences will be better.
  • Big data will bring more dynamic pricing.

The Future for Customer Experience in 2014

  • The Internet of Things
  • Mobile Everything
  • Synchronize Everything
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Employee Engagement
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) plateaus for many companies
  • Customer Experience Professionals Crave Knowledge

Mindshare 2014 study reveals top cultural trends affecting consumers and brands

  • Redefining the Home
  • Life is Good
  • Softer Masculinity
  • Everything is Science

Luxury & Fashion

Landor : Trends in luxury

  • Defining luxury
  • Integration of technology
  • Maximizing digital and social media opportunities

2014 Luxury Industry Predictions from the Experts

  • China: Emerging Individualism
  • Digital: Differentiated Devices
  • Fashion: Communications to Conversion
  • Jewellery: Rethinking Precious
  • Superyachts: New Destinations
  • Timepieces: Focus on the Finest
  • Travel: The Next Frontier
  • Wealth: New Market Focus


Retail trends and predictions for 2014

  • More savvy customers with better values
  • Customer service in the boardroom
  • Holistic shopping experiences
  • Smarter omni-channel retailing
  • A refocus on the high street

The trends that will make retail tick in 2014

  • Content shopping will be king
  • Social will steer retailers’ stocking decisions
  • Omni-channel will require a single customer view
  • Hyper targeting will take the online personalisation in-store
  • Mass customisation will make products feel personal

Top 10 supermarket trends coming in 2014

  • Breakfast protein
  • International foods
  • Click to cook
  • Healthful snacking
  • Millennials’ influence
  • Private brands
  • Indie women
  • Gathering places
  • Packaging
  • Community Causes

10 Technology Trends That Will Revolutionize Retail

  • Multichannel retail requires channel-synthesizing technology.
  • Analytics bring science to the art of retail.
  • Mobility is much more than a smartphone app.
  • Visibility adds value to inventory.
  • Customer relationship management never gets easier.
  • Integration is everything.
  • Your customers can (and should) be anywhere.
  • The transaction hinges on having the right product at the right time and place and at the best possible price.
  • Develop a strategy for showrooming.
  • Go social, because you already are.


Financial Services Trends To Watch In 2014

  • New Regulatory Initiatives
  • Cost of Financial Data
  • Easier to Understand Financial Products
  • Automated Financial Tools
  • Better Financial APIs & Interfaces
  • New Payment & Credit Options
  • Crowdfunding

Financial Forecast for 2014: Tough, But Manageable

  • The Eurozone
  • Middle East
  • The Hard/Soft landing of BRIC and the U.S. Deficit

Landor : Trends in financial services 

  • Aligning messaging and delivery
  • Streamlining B2B and B2C experience
  • Building more visible investment brands

Health and Wellness

5 Health Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

  • Data in the Doctor’s Office
  • Smart Clothes
  • Augmented Nutrition
  • Virtual House Calls
  • Health Rewards

9 Digital Health Trends For 2014

  • Wearable monitors
  • Smart sensors
  • Telehealth
  • Google Glass v. Kinect
  • Speech recognition
  • IBM Watson
  • M-health apps
  • Cloud-based EHRs
  • HISPs

5 Trends For Health CIOs In 2014

  • Patient portals
  • Direct messaging
  • Cyberattacks and medical identity theft
  • Cloud storage and cloud-based EHRs
  • Mobile devices

Fitness Trends for 2014

  • Combination classes
  • CrossFit
  • Fitness on-the-go
  • Sweat-working
  • Online Workouts

7 Health and Fitness Trends to Expect in 2014

  • More exotic flavors
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • A Boutique Gym for Every Neighborhood
  • An Uprising of Food Industry Watchdogs
  • Stylish Sweatpants
  • More Kombucha, Please
  • Back to Non-Minimalist Shoes

Fitness trends in Charleston for 2014

  • Outdoor activities
  • Endurance sports
  • Yoga, Pilates & barre
  • Group training
  • Childhood obesity
  • Weight loss
  • Focus on seniors
  • Exercise professionals

Travel and Tourism

Flying, Riding, Cycling: The Big Travel Trends For 2014

  • In the air
  • On the ground
  • On Wheels

Travel Trends To Bet On In 2014

  • Mobile matters today and will matter more tomorrow.
  • Emerging markets remain relevant.
  • User acquisition is chew and getting.
  • User retention is costly and getting more costly.
  • APIs are ubiquitous don’t ignore them.

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