Knowledge Services

Content experience design, content management and speciality reports and integrated learning experiences form a core part of Futurescape knowledge services.

There is a high demand for digital content. Websites need more content as they become the primary digital touchpoint for companies and customers! Helpdesk systems need to be created and updated with the latest information on products and services. These can be multiple languages. There is a greater need to up-skill people, whether they are partners or employees.

New learning formats, new platforms for collaboration, digital events, speciality newsletters, white papers, podcasts, live-streaming have created a need to look at knowledge delivery experiences as a whole.

Understanding platforms like Sharepoint, WordPress, Zoho, Dynamics 365, Learning platforms, AR Platforms, Cloud providers like Azure, Podcast and Streaming solutions like vMix and others and integrating them into a cohesive experience forms a core part of our work.

Research, Insights and Benchmarking

  • Brand Responsibility Assessments
  • ESG Benchmarking
  • SDG Assessments
  • Sustainable Experience Assessments
  • Certification Standards and Your Business

On Demand Learning

  • Sustainability Course Design
  • Customised Module Development
  • Content Generation
  • Workshops and Events

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