The current health scenario has accelerated the transformation in the health sector. Public health and private healthcare institutions, patients, healthcare fraternity, wellness providers are adjusting to this dramatic change.


Digital therapeutics is today an important touchpoint in caregiving, perhaps the most critical touchpoint for a while. Integrating this into complete healthcare experiences will realise its full potential. Therefore, building a resilient healthcare system now needs workers with digital skills, new care pathways, data management, and more.


As organisations and care providers grapple with some of the critical tasks ahead, communication and health literacy for the public good will be foremost. In addition, digital health and behaviour change to manage outcomes will create new experience pathways in wellness, chronic care disease management, mental wellbeing and inclusiveness.


Health outcomes have always mattered. More so now. Designing for the long term with patient centricity and empathy for the extended ecosystem needs to be supplemented with innovative techniques.

One of the new tools that are emerging are spatial computing that will transform learning and treatments. AR and VR in healthcare can create new care pathways that help patients even as they help in deepening learning for professionals.

Futurescape creates meaningful health experiences through services that include experience design, digital skills, communication strategies, innovation and learning platforms.

Customers are demanding a certain degree of service, quality, and value for spends. Value in the customer’s mind is not just clinical quality—there is a much greater emphasis on the service component as well. Consumers now expect a different experience and set of interactions with hospitals, clinics, labs and physicians, than they have in the past.

Health care organisations need to differentiate beyond the expected through moments that really matter to customers. Futurescape has worked with large hospitals, wellness providers, labs and health insurance companies in creating new opportunities for care and service.


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