Future of Work

Employee journeys encompass rapid delivery of learning and building of culture through common causes and beliefs

Work and how we go about it is dramatically different from just a few years ago. Tenure lengths have changed, the place we call work looks different, people we call colleagues are not necessarily in the same place or company. On one side there is the gig economy, and on the other hand, there is the hotly debated impact of artificial intelligence on the jobs of the future. The need to work longer, ongoing skill acquisition and expertise and also new forms/tools of collaboration are some of the elements of this transformation in the new world of work.

Mere employer branding activities of the recent past are not enough. The pre-requisite of excellent customer experience is the empowered, knowledgeable team that delivers it. Technology that supports this mission to deliver learning at the first line of team members, collaboration tools and processes that links customer insights to various programmes are a vital part of this change. Last but not least, a company needs to connect better with its employees, and here the culture of an organisation is critical.

Work from home
Company culture will be based on experiences
Causes and Stories will create context and drive employee engagement
Micro learning driven by technology will take root

Traditional employee journeys that focussed on HIRE, TRAIN, MEASURE and REWARD will need to be reimagined. The employee journeys will now concentrate on constant engagement, rapid delivery of learning and building of culture through common causes and beliefs.

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