The fashion industry is one of the highest carbon emitters globally, so sustainability is one of the essential brand attributes companies are talking about these days. However, all customers don’t just believe the marketing; many want to know precisely how sustainable their brands are. Are products made of natural materials? Have they been produced in ways that minimise environmental impact? At which stage does the brand take responsibility for the entire supply chain process—from fabric harvesting through the production phase? How does the brand promote strategies like recycling or upcycling?

Sustainability experiences can’t stand distinct from everything else a brand does. So they now need to be integrated into retail, digital and omnichannel experiences.

The primary channel remains the store, but the website, social bots, and AR and digital fashion add additional enhancements to the experience. The key focus has to be on the consistency of features and experience in each channel.

The customer has the full power of clothes discovery, product trial, purchase, personalisation, delivery, recycling and more.

  • Store experience
  • Product experience
  • Service experience
  • Search and chatbot experience
  • Recycle experience

Futurescape helps transform sustainability objectives into actionable experiences that help fashion brands walk the talk across all touchpoints. These are enabled through digital, retail and learning experiences that wow customers and help build the responsible brand journey.


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