Fashion Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is changing the fashion business model and experience

The fashion business worldwide is at the cusp of change. Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the fashion business model that was primarily driven by trends and gut instinct. The consumer is changing too. The always-connected generation seeks instant gratification, latest trends and unique experiences. Millennials are increasingly interested in knowing the source of products. They find answers to questions such as: Are the products sustainable? Are they traceable?

Fashion experiences will, therefore, need to combine a multitude of aspects to deliver a uniqueness and a reason to buy for the customer.

Technology will transform the fashion experience. Platforms and protocols are the keys to success
Retail experiences will be more than shopping
Causes and Stories create distinctiveness
Wholistic understanding of the consumer journey will help create connections and experiences

Traditional customer journeys that focus on intents in FIND, SERVICE, BUY and HELP will expand in new ways. The always-connected customer, may always be searching for trends, products and personalised experiences. Customers will try through AR / VR. The store may offer far more than mere commodities. It may become a place for consumers to connect over causes, hear new music and listen to stimulating conversations from authors, artists and innovators.

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