Futurescape’s ESG Assessment helps you decode and define the gap between intent and action.

Sustainability is not just expected of brands. It’s a requirement. Brands that don’t meet these standards are not considered responsible and will lose customers who understand how their purchase affects the world around them. ESG or environmental, Social, and Governance issues are gaining significant prominence. There is a sea change in attitudes amongst the investment community.
Responsibility FrameworksBrand Action Points
Sustainability  Mostly understood as environmental sustainability – reductions of waste, water, emissions, circular economy and commitment to renewable energy.The circular economy is emerging as the biggest challenge of our times. Customers, Suppliers and Employees are becoming important stakeholders in achieving this.
CSR Contributing to charitable causes or taking up projects that have larger social implicationsConsumers may connect to these causes initially but may want to see real on ground action if the brand promotes this over time.
ESG Largely used by the investing community to measure how an organisation measures up on Environmental, Societal and Governance issues (ESG)This area of corporate tracking is quickly emerging as an important space and investors are expecting companies to move towards creating integrated reports (IR) that contain, financial and non-financial parameters. These could include Responsible AI, Privacy by design, Cyber Security, Circularity, Green Supply Chains, and more.
Brand Purpose Largely related to a higher calling beyond the functional aspects of a brand.While brands may purport to have brand purpose, convincing customers may take some effort as customers distrust in advertising led communication is waning across the world.

The gap between intention and action can be bridged, but it will require an “imagination of purpose” from the brand or company. This might include changing corporate incentives or processes within organisations themselves and their communities.

Bringing change to the organisation means embracing responsibility. Once this assessment is done, we outline vital changes that need action and begin building new customer journeys following zero environmental damage and social responsibility.

Futurescape helps companies define these ESG journeys keeping in mind, Biodiversity, Circularity, Renewable Energy and above all, Customer actions and Employee responses that can enable the change.


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