Businesses, Institutions and people are going digital at an unprecedented rate. They are also prioritizing safety, remote monitoring and digital knowledge. The nature of jobs, skills and learning is therefore changing.

Green Jobs

A few years of progress in moving towards digital technologies has happened within months. As people return to work, new skills are needed. Moreover, the world at large is speaking of a ‘green recovery’ from the pandemic and the creation of large scale ‘green jobs’ focusing on renewable energy, circular zero waste systems, water conservation, low energy infrastructure and the protection of biodiversity and the environment.

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Your Outcomes

  • Sustainable Brand processes
  • Sustainable Brand Strategy
  • Brand and Customer Experience Strategy

Other Focus Areas


Create Meaningful Experiences


BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age


But, learning is not just about reskilling the existing workforce. What about schools and universities that have rapidly shifted to classes via video calls? While many universities have gone ‘digital’, the reality is that conducting online sessions is just a small part of the digital phenomenon. The ways of imparting knowledge need to scale and adapt to new realities.

  • We need a transformation that involves, learners, teachers, original content and new institutions for this new world.Learners (young and old) and even corporate teams need a new set of skills and new courseware that is relevant
  • Teachers themselves need new skills also as they deliver something very different for a new world
  • Content for a new way of learning and discovery for the new world of jobs is the primary need. It needs to be cloud-first, with new technologies that are emerging and much more.
  • New / Redesigned Institutions are required where new journeys need to be mapped and studied.

The world of learning and jobs is being reinvented in many ways, Futurescape helps

  • Map Learning Journeys
  • Create content using new technologies
  • Adapt existing learning pedagogy to digital tools
  • Mixed Design Experiences using AR and Mixed Reality
  • Learning Platforms and Communities

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