Digital Literacy

The internet is essential to the world we have created. On it rests economic growth, our ability to trade, our ability to learn and our ability to interact, for companies to establish responsibility in the digital age a new set of norms is needed.

Increased connectivity increases not just the quantum of data but also the risk. Since everything we own is going, digital companies and individuals need to be mindful of its potential and impact.

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Other Focus Areas

Augmented and Mixed Reality Experience

Strategy for Contactless, Realtime and Interactive

At an individual’s level, our digital identity can help solve a host of issues around health, travel, governance and much. The sustainable development goals state the importance of digital literacy in their own going objectives too.

Futurescape has been building customised digital literacy awareness and learning programmes for companies. We have been working with students and educational institutions in developing digital literacy skills.
The modules have focused on Digital Safety, Data Protection and Privacy and more.

Digital Safety Toolkit

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