Digital Brands

The world is in a state of transition. There are many pushes and pulls that are happening as we collectively navigate the current scenario. There will be many strategies adopted to cope and recover.

The big question worth asking is, “What will the new world look like and can we together create a better tomorrow?”

There are important lessons:

  • The last 3 months have been a digital fast forward to almost all digital transformation that was at the fringes. Things that were expected in 2025 are already here.
  • Companies and brands can run, pivot and scale faster than they thought possible when faced with an existential threat.
  • Risks are being re-evaluated and climate change is front and centre.
  • The corporate world is doing intensive risk assessments of their supply chains and contributors to business risk.
  • Existing systems and value chains can be re-designed not just in terms of finding newer markets and growth avenues, but for creating transparency, trustworthiness and public good.

Being a Digital First Brands means

  • Service Needs a New Definition
  • Customer Experience Needs a Sustainable Dimension
  • Responsible and Accessible is part of Brand Purpose


  • Digital Transformation of Homes and Offices
  • Health Experiences
  • Education and Learning Experiences

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