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Optimism, Entrepreneurship and Wind of Change!

What is “Entrepreneurship”? It is not about finding funds from venture capitalists in an easy market. It is not about making money with the help of policy interventions by government. It is about creating opportunities where seemingly none exists, it is about taking risks with a big heart, it is often about proving naysayers wrong. [...]
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Outsourcing of a Revolution will not work.

They say cricket is a religion in our country. So here is a thought for you to consider. The world cup was not won for us by umpires. It was won by players, each of whom played a role. In each and every interview, the players talked about all the hard work they had put [...]
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On Mentors..

In a world where everyone is seeking smart people, experts and lists, the real lessons that one learns are in the nuggets of insight, encouragement or the tough questions that some people provide for no apparent benefit. These people may actually be outside your social circle or influence. Call them chance encounters or serendipity but [...]
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Optimism in Action

In 1990, as a new generation  joined the work force, a song called Wind of Change became a hit. The song was about the historic events of the time. To me, its a song for the future, of hope and optimism. These words more so.. “The future’s in the air I can feel it everywhere [...]
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Inspiring great performances in tough times

Customer experience has become even more of a critical issue in the current business environment. But think about this. If one were to look at the Brand Experience in terms of internal and external. Some of the best coaches in sports manage to get their teams to perform way above their level and making them [...]
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