Brands and SDGs

Brands have been increasingly embracing causes. This trend is driven by the need to address many important issues that surround us, as well as the consumers who expect brands to make a positive contribution to society. This however has two important implications.


Building a brand is far more than just advertising; hence while a brand may associate itself with a cause, customers may not readily trust it. Therefore brands need to understand the values that they stand for and make long term commitments to how they will do business. The SDG’s provide a framework that helps brands align with global causes and measure the impact of their work. Brand affinity has a higher life, and it is not just functional. Genuine change needs to be part of the brand ambition as brands will only prosper if society prospers.

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Your Outcomes

  • Sustainable Brand processes
  • Sustainable Brand Strategy
  • Brand and Customer Experience Strategy

Focus Areas


Create Meaningful Experiences


Learning is Being Reinvented in Many Ways


BALANCE - Responsible Business for the Digital Age

Action Gap

Businesses need to make a lifetime commitment to causes and a better way of functioning because business responsibility is neither just a brand strategy nor is it just a product strategy. It’s really about how the company does business over the long term. Despite the ability of marketers to support a cause, reach the right profile of customers and the persuasiveness of the argument, customer choice is not always driven by the causes they support or by what is good for the environment. The gap between stated intent and actual action is called the ‘action gap’.

Defining a common agenda for the brand and its stakeholders helps in narrowing down on the areas of focus. It is an obligation, a belief in a better way, in a different world, a positive contribution to society. This belief helps brands in delivering on their promises not just for the quarterly numbers but for the long term.

Futurescape helps companies build experiences that drive trust and build brands with purpose.

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