Augmented and Mixed Reality Experience

We are going to experience learning, entertainment, culture, health and work in a fundamentally different way. Since people are unable to travel, websites and digital experiences need a significant upgrade. New customer experiences and journeys are required to make up for the loss of tactile, face to face experiences. Product demos that actually display the functional product on the site and can be enhanced with mixed reality or augmented reality experiences is just one example of what is possible.

Photogrammetry, Digital Humans, Performance Capture, Volumetric Capture, E-entertainment, Gaming and Learning experiences are some of the more prominent areas that are emerging. It’s not just technology for the sake of it; relevance and application will be the keys to creating successful experiences.

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Other Focus Areas

Digital Literacy

Safety, Data Protection and Privacy

Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences are seeing significant momentum with emerging innovations such as:

  • Mixed reality devices that work either with PC or semi-independent experiences.
  • Apple has been a consistent advocate of the augmented reality experience. New LIDAR based devices will enhance the AR experience at the very least.
  • HoloLens by Microsoft is enterprise-focused. There are experiences in customer service, training and more. These are linked with Dynamics 365 platform, Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Teams.
  • File format standards like USDZ, gltf and kits like ARKit, ARCore are mapped into development environments. The era of design and develop once and deploy more than once is just around the corner.

Sectors that will see rapid adoption:

  • Games, E-entertainment
  • Architecture, Engineering, Construction
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Broadcast and Live events
  • Films, Animation, Cinematics
  • Training and Simulation
  • Pharma, Retail

Futurescape can work with you on

  • Your AR or Mixed Reality Enterprise Strategy
  • AR and Mixed Reality Content Development
  • Services such as photogrammetry, AR Plugin and more.
  • AR Based Learning Solutions
  • Training Workshop about AR for your team

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