5 Imperatives for Sustainable Experience Transformation

Climate Crisis and Your operations

  • Organisational focus will shift to renewable energy sources and better utilization of resources
  • The quantified movement will move another level by including the extended partner ecosystem
  • Pre-emptive anticipation and minimization of disruption of operations due to climate crisis events will be a priority for decision makers


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Climate Crisis

Digital transformation and the future of work

Artificial intelligence
, Robotics, 5G and the internet of things, automation and autonomous devices will materially change your business

Businesses need to constantly re-skill people, evaluate new services models like subscription and contemplate new infrastructure for the ‘in the moment’ world of 5G

of digital infrastructure, data residency and privacy are some of the factors for decision makers to contend with

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Circularity in products and services

There is now an emphasis on sustainable materials and traceability

Designing for the complete lifescycle that includes reuse, recycling and returns from customer

Companies are expected to manage the end use of products because of laws based on extended producer responsibility

Subscriptions, on-demand and shared use models are changing the consumption cycle and consumer behavior

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Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs have been created to align countries and companies to the seventeen social and environmental priorities

They have immediate and medium targets that signatories need to comply with.

By extension this also means the extended ecosystem of companies

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The Impact of ESG on Organisations

The Impact of ESG on Organisations

Companies and their larger role in society is increasingly the ambit of environment, social and governance (ESG) norms

The norms constantly evolve as priorities change, new risks emerge and periodic goals are met

They are a set of standards that investors, banks, mutual funds and international funding agencies use to screen potential investments

Prime examples such as No Plastic, Diversity, Responsible AI and more have been recently added in experience journeys


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