Climate Crisis and Business operations

  • Emphasis on Net Zero commitments
  • Organisational focus shifts to renewable energy sources and better utilisation of resources
  • The quantified movement includes the extended partner ecosystem
  • Pre-emptive anticipation and minimisation of disruption of operations due to climate crisis events will be a priority for decision-makers

Digital transformation and the future of work

  • Artificial intelligence, Robotics, 5G, the internet of things, automation, and autonomous devices will materially change your business.
  • Re-skill people, evaluate new services models like subscription and contemplate new infrastructure for the ‘in the moment’ world of 5G, opportunities in spatial computing.
  • Security of digital infrastructure, data residency and privacy are some of the factors for decision-makers to contend with

Circularity in products and services

  • Sustainable materials and traceability are part of the design focus and extended customer journeys.
  • Designing for the complete lifecycle that includes reuse, recycling and returns from customer
  • Companies need to manage the end-use of products because of laws based on extended producer responsibility.
  • Subscriptions, on-demand, and shared use models are changing the consumption cycle and consumer behaviour.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Countries and companies aligning with the seventeen social and environmental priorities of the SDGs
  • By extension, this also means the extended ecosystem of companies.

The Impact of ESG on Organisations

  • Companies and their more prominent role in society is increasingly the ambit of environmental, social and governance (ESG) norms.
  • They are standards that investors, banks, mutual funds and international funding agencies use to screen potential investments.
  • Priorities change, new risks emerge, thus resulting in a constant revisiting of norms
  • Experience journeys now focus on No Plastic, Diversity, Responsible AI and more.

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