Customers are a rich source of information and knowledge. And ours are no exception. Over the years, we have been contacted by our customers for various reasons.

Standout Brand Experience

  • Design for all possible touch points and situations
  • ‘Wow’ is the completeness and simplicity of interactions for the customer
  • Unique services that build on the strengths of the brand
  • Knowledgeable Team that goes the extra mile
  • Provide positive comments in social conversations
  • Not just the interaction but a relationship over a lifetime
  • Manage change to integrate experience values across departments
  • Consistency in experience backed up by constant monitoring and necessary enhancements.

New Ways of Reaching Customers

  • Technology and its adoption by customers create new opportunities to better service them
  • It could mean new service channels
  • It could mean listening programmes
  • It could mean new sales channels
  • Touchscreens, Mobile service and Web Based programmes
  • Outreach programmes that build connections and services for specific audiences

Starting a New Business or Division

  • A new concept or idea
  • Differentiated services, the way you work, how you reach customers and service them
  • Practical and yet differentiated design / value proposition
  • Find cross functional benefits that provide a unique value for your customers.
  • The ability to move fast with a lean team

Services for the Mobile Customer

  • Mobile friendly branded websites
  • Ideas for integrating mobility aspects into current communication
  • Unique branded services that go the extra mile
  • Social Networks and your mobile brand
  • Location Based Services
  • Experience mobility in your branded environments

Building Sustainability

  • Identify sustainable practices
  • Design experiences and practices that are sustainable
  • Connect Business with the Local Community
  • Communicating sustainability in social conversations
  • Business Advice for NGO’s
  • Workshops for Business Leaders

Satisfaction shows great numbers but not sales

  • The customer may be ‘satisfied’ but are they Happy  doing business with you ?
  • Could improving staff knowledge help?
  • Communication tools that help aid decision making
  • Processes that are customer friendly
  • Net Promoter Score and other similar measures

What are customers talking about

  • Traditional customer satisfaction tracks a number but not an emotion
  • Static surveys vs Dynamic feedback environments that can quickly damage reputations and how we should prepare for this
  • Scores converted into immediate service improvements
  • Measuring Happiness vs Satisfaction
  • Establish conversation trackers on the net to understand customer feelings and respond

Retaining Customers

  • Improving relationships with specific customer types
  • Provide a platform to better manage customer relationships
  • Create programmes that improve experience and hence relationships

New Way of Training and Learning

  • There is employee churn and also a geographically dispersed business. Experience breaks because of these concerns
  • Traditional training environments are not enough and are also increasingly expensive
  • Corrections and Improvements have to be made in near real time
  • E-learning can make a difference and so can new tools such as mobile
  • If we treat our business as a grand show, then the actors have to be award winning . Customer emotions need to be factored in. Understanding this and making changes in learning thus becomes critical
  • Workshops, Sessions  and Corporate Theatre

Are any of these your concerns ? Maybe you have something different to share. Why not get in touch with us ?

Services Portfolio

Futurescape assignments cover Service Design, Learning, Web, Mobile, Accessibility and Sustainability

Service Design

Branded experiences are based on Service Design. The service has to be consistent across the following:

  • At the Store / premises
  • At Customer’s Home/ Office
  • On the phone
  • On Web and Mobile

Your Team

People deliver experiences and following require attention

  • Look and Smile
  • Talk & Touch
  • Personalised Attention
  • Body Language
  • Communication Skills.
  • Service Etiquette’s

Learning, Training and Recognition

Empowering the team that delivers experiences has multiple facets.

  • Processes that empower the front line
  • eLearning Modules
  • Collaborative learning environments
  • SCORM compliant and LMS ready
  • Workshops
  • Employee Certification
  • Recognition programmes that reward service excellence.

Web, Mobile and more

Today, Mobility is key and the power of the web can be harnessed to maximise brand experience.

  • Websites, Communities and Communication
  • Mobile Service Design
  • Accessibility
  • Facilities for Special Needs
  • Compliance with Section 508 / WAI
  • Web Experience Guide
  • Usability Reports

Our Customers

Futurescape has had the privilege of working closely with some of the world’s leading companies and brands.

Art, Culture and The new world of work

  • Dialogue Social Enterprise, Leela Design, The Designers Accord, Living Principles, Delhi International Arts Festival, Unstructure, Oaktree Ventures, Marvelous Reality

Advertising and Media

  • Discovery Channel, ESPN, FCB Ulka, McCann Erickson, Lowe, Zee


  • Castrol, General Motors


  • Philips Design, Tomorrow Partners


  • Samsung, Whirlpool, Electrolux

Financial Services

  • GE, Citibank, Bajaj Finserv


  • Unilever, Nestle, Reckitt Benkiser, Glaxo Smithkline

Food and Hospitality

  • Domino’s, Kitchens of India, Radisson Hotel, ITC Welcomgroup


  • Govt of Delhi, Nathpa Jhakri Power Corporation, Haldia Petrochemicals

Health and Wellness

  • Max India, Max Healthcare, Moolchand, Hindustan Unilever, Vardan, Luminary Labs, Dr Lal Pathlabs, Dr. Morepen, Healthji


  • Rosebys, Lakme, Fair and Lovely, Provogue, Adidas, Perfect Radiance, Planet Retail, Raymond, Swarovski, Kayel, Usha Lexus, Wills Lifestyle

Telecom & Technology

  • Airtel, Motorola, HP, Canon, HCL Technologies, Siemens, Escotel, Spice Telecom

The Foundation

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